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Welcome to 'Clinical Law' Intoductory Video

Clinical legal education is a teaching method that combines theoretical concepts and actual legal practice. Its purpose is to help students learn from their own experience and from their reflection on that experience. Clinical legal education is essential to the student community to develop the professional skills and practical application of law. It provides necessary experience and exposure to handle the cases independently with self-reliance. The focus of CLE is on social, moral and ethical values to make a promising lawyer by motivating and creating a sense of responsibility in the students to serve the community.


Clinical education offers unique opportunities for students in professional and intellectual development. Clinical methodology is most often described as "learning through doing". The unique aspect of the clinical methods is the active participation of the students.


Clinical programmes and the methods engage the students in a whole range of learning objectives necessary to think and act like a lawyer, particularly when the students deals with real life situations in legal aid clinics. Interests are cultivated, attitudes are developed, skills are imparted, value clarification is provided, ethical decisions are made and confidence and responsibility experienced by the students in clinical setting. The learning in internalized both at the "basic level" as well as the in the "professional skills level".


Students will gain skills in

  • Client Interviewing
  • Drafting & Documentation
  • Research
  • Arbitration & Negotiation
  • Advocacy
  • Time Management
  • Reflective Practice

By taking lessons from experienced lawyers and other professionals, students will gain a real understanding of the legal practitioner's role and the variety in legal work. Students will learn to display commitment, imagination, legal skills, intelligence and compassion.

Experiencing first hand professional exposure leads to a deeper understanding of important areas of professional practice. To ensure this development, the programme provides for supervision & guidance from legal experts & academic staff members. Practical experience lays inroads to employment prospects.