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Timeline of CLE Subjects

This is a timeline to map how a student undertaking 5 Years Degree Course can complete Online Clinical Training Programme during their Academic Course. Student could progress and move through various clinical legal subjects offered in 10 Semesters during 5 Years Programme. Course is designed according to academic curriculum of Law Course. The term of every Clinical Subject will run for 5 Weeks in each Semester.

Semester I
Law for Beginners

Law for Beginners

Explore Basics of Law in your first semester

Semester II
Legal Drafting I

Legal Drafting I
[Conveyancing Skills]

Learn Fundamentals of drafting to develop skills of Conveyancing

Semester III
Legal Research Skills

Legal Research Skills

Get to know nuances of research in law

Semester IV
Legal Drafting II

Legal Drafting II [Pleadings]

In this Semester learn art of drafting in a simple and crisp manner to avoid huge legal jargon

Semester V
Court Process

Court Process

Discover practical insights of Court Process in easy steps

Semester VI
Professional Ethics

Professional Ethics

Get acquainted with Professional Ethics & Etiquettes in your sixth semester

Semester VII
Advocacy Skills-I

Advocacy Skills I

Master Advocacy Skills to become proficient lawyer

Semester VIII
Advocacy Skills-II

Advocacy Skills II

Honk a range of lawyering skills like interviewing clients, communications & oral advocacy

Semester IX
ADR Skills

Arbitration & Mediation Skills

Get hands-on-simulation of arbitration & mediation practices

Semester X

Cyber Crime & Investigation

Advanced courses in some specialized areas