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"Drafting is the heart of legal profession". This course introduces the concepts, skills and techniques of legal drafting with an emphasis on essential skills such as writing with clarity and precision, conforming to statutes and ordinances, using form-books appropriately, achieving goals of clients, identifying and eliminating ambiguity, editing and simplifying complex thoughts and ideas. This course provides with a thorough introduction to the principles of general drafting through the use of written exercises, peer critique and online practice sessions.Drafting of deeds and documents for various purposes usually forms part of multifaceted duties of the Lawyer. It is an art and even acquiring working knowledge in this demands application of skills of higher order. The course contents are designed to provide practical orientation and develop necessary acumenship in drafting legal deeds and documents. The purpose is to identify and demonstrate various legal drafting concepts and techniques. This will help law students and a new entrant to the profession to get a working knowledge of the fundamental principles of legal drafting. The course takes a scientific approach in the sense that the basic aspects of conveyancing are covered along with detailed explanation and practical examples on how deeds & documents are drafted and reviewed.

Course Details

Course Code CLE/2016/5/LB-01
Course Duration 45 Days
Course Effort 2-3 Hours/Week
Level Introductory
Course Fees 3000/- INR


  • Overview of Law

    Definitions of Law and Its Nature, Sources of Law, Types of Law, Branches of Law, Rights and Duties as Citizens

  • Judicial System in India

    Different Legal System, Hierarchy of Courts in India

  • Scope of Legal Profession

    Barrister, Solicitor, Attorney, Judicial Officer, Law Clerks, Legal Academic

  • Value Added Topics

    Bare Acts, Legal Journals, Commentary, Digests, Manuals - Meaning & Uses Introduction to Legal Aid, Lok Adalats, Ombudsman and Lokayukta, Usefulness of Computers

  • Learning Outcomes

    Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

    • Identify the characteristics and importance of good writing
    • Consider and apply the techniques of effective legal drafting
    • Draft clauses/ paragraphs of text using the basic principles of drafting
    • Understand the content and requirements of formal legal documents in each of the Core Practice Areas
  • Key Features

    • Explains each Chapter in Lecturette format by focusing on conceptual & practical clarity
    • Under each topic the principles are explained, illustrated and contextualized
    • Short & concise lessons with lots of examples
    • Power Point Presentations supplementing academic courses
    • Short videos that easily help students to master the subject
    • Practice Sessions & tools to help you succeed

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Course Activity

Definitions of Law and Its Nature, Sources of Law, Types of Law, Branches of Law, Rights and Duties as Citizens

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Easy Steps

  • Step I: Learn about How to take the Clinical Course

    Take a virtual tour of Course goals & Plan through a video. This will help you to explore the strengths of the Course. You will also get a reading material on How to succeed in this Course.

    Quick Start Guide Download PDF

  • Step II: Start Your Clinical Course

    It's Simple! Start your customized clinical course on your own schedule.

    Once registered, you will be given access to the learning materials for the Clinical Legal Subject. The learning material shall include Reference material, Power Point Presentation, Audio-video Lectures & Practice Sessions. These materials will take you through a programme of directed self-study, and indicate how and where you can obtain supplementary study materials and access tutorial support to enhance your studies. Tutors are allocated for each module and are available to answer queries and promote discussion during the study semester. Details of the learning materials provided for each module can be found in the module specifications (located on the 'Dashboard' tab of the relevant course page).

  • Step III: Practice Your Skills

    Put your newly conceptualized & developed skills to practice. The estimated time to complete this Course is 45 days. You will have repeated access to Video Lectures and Power Point Presentations. You can retake your practice session until you are confident that you understand these concepts.

  • Step IV: Aptitude Assessment

    Solve Multiple Choice Questions on 5 Modules with around 20 questions in each Module. The aptitude section focuses on your problem solving skills.

  • Step V: Final Destination

    Once you have successfully completed the Practice Sessions and Online Exercises, you have successfully completed the course!

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